Biography:  Dr.  Mark  A.  Rankin

                                                                     Born:   Miami Beach, Florida, March 23, 1954.

Mark joined the United States Marine Corps in May of 1973 and served 22 years, retiring in 1995.  Mark met his wife, Alice during his military career and they married in Hawaii on January 1st, 1987.  Dr. Mark Rankin is currently Pastor of Seed Time and Harvest Ministry in Waco, TX and on faculty at The Institute for Teaching God's Word Theological Seminary (ITGW) in Rockdale, TX, President Dennis Brooks, PhD

Mark answered his call to preach the Holy Gospel on 16 September 2001. Mark attended ITGW where he received a Doctor of Ministry in Christian Counseling in June of 2004 from the Tyrannus University of Biblical Studies College of Theology & Divinity, Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Dr. Mark Rankin is currently on faculty at ITGW. He has been actively involved in counseling professionally since 1977. 

Counseling education and professional counseling started during his military career.  Towards the end of the Vietnam conflict, Mark attended the Staff NCO Academy at Quantico, VA. The course curriculum was heavily weighted towards psychology and counseling because of the issues affecting our society and the military at that time. In addition Mark took every course that the military offered. He was able to complete all courses available to
marine senior enlisted personal (not necessarily available today) up to and including the Command and Staff level which is equivalent to a Masters Degree.  See

Mark pursued a Psychology-Counseling (Christian Counseling) education outside of normal military education requirements testing each and ever issue against the Word of God.  Mark brings to this discussion a point of view that is not stereotyped by any one theology, religion, social group, or nationalistic goal. God has developed within Mark a non-denominational point of view. Having moved Mark so frequently and subjecting him to so many different environments, God has worked His Word and Will into Mark's heart.  Mark's heart is about healing and wholeness, which can only happen as a result of a connection with God.   Mark does this how ever God directs him to do so, by lovingly sowing and watering.  God provides the increase!

In December of 2008, Dr. Rankin was awarded a Doctor of Divinity Degree by the Institute for Teaching God's Word Theological Seminary in Rockdale, Texas.


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